The offer

We offer you taking pleasure in line-fishing on ships, relaxing during cruise and measuring swords with sea-element.
We invite beginners, advanced anglers, children with their guardians and everybody who wants to stop thinking of prosaism, looks for having fun and dreams about unforgettable adventure.

In our offer you can find cruises for groups and for individual persons/families. You may choose a local cruise or voyage on islands: Bornholm, Christianio, Frederikso, and to every place on Baltic Sea you want to.

For everybody who wants to relax breathing with iodine and to vie with cods we offer:

  • individual cruises or in organized groups;
  • integrated entertainments and social events for groups with angler;
  • charter a few days the entire vessel.

Length of a local cruise is equal 10 or 12 hours.
Price for a local cruise (call us by phone: +48 663-881-400) includes:

  • full service and helpful staff in angler and protection for anglered fish;
  • hot meals and hot drinks;
  • full sea insurance;
  • VAT invoice;
  • there is a possibility for free of charge night's lodging on a ship.

On vessels not engaged and does not serve alcoholic beverages.
The vessels have all required certificates and load regulations.
The vessels and fishermen are insured against accidents.
The vessels are equipped with probes and equipment for the radio-navigation.


How to book?

  • you may book a place on a ship or book the whole boat by telephone or by e-mail;
  • it is necessary to pay 50% of the price on a bank account but not later than 10 days after reservation;
  • the reservation must be confirmed by telephone or by e-mail.

M/Y Flamenco - 18 mb
M/Y Solon - 18 mb
M/Y Kamel - 19 mb
The units wharf in sea basin, Wegorzowa-street, 78-100 Kołobrzeg.


Not everyone likes to sleep on the sea. For those who are looking for accommodation on the land we propose to look for here: